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As Quantity Surveyors here at McGrath Construction Consultants, we provide services to our clients covering four stages of the construction process. These stages are:

  • The Initial/Design Stage
  • The Developed Design stage
  • The Detail Design stage
  • The Construction stage

Previously, our clients have chosen either all four stages or one stage. If you would like any additional information on any of these stages please do not hesitate to contact us on our Office number 01-9015767 or on 087 7805560.

Stage 1 Initial/Design Stage

At this stage we will be able to use our on-screen digitizing software as seen in the first picture below to determine the cost of your construction project. We are able to do this by assessing the architect’s drawings and use these to complete a Bill of Quantities (BoQ). A BoQ is an itemized list of between 15- 25 different elements of your construction project, such as substructure, roofs and internal wall finishes. To produce a BoQ we would firstly measure all aspects of the construction works from the architect’s drawings and insert these quantities along with competitive rates. This ensures that you will get an accurate cost for your construction project in today’s market. This is an important step for anybody undergoing construction work as it will allow you to forecast the cost of the design that you currently have. In the second picture below is an example of a breakdown that we would produce following the completion of the BoQ.

The below image shows an example of the digitizing software that we use;

Here in the image below we show you an example of an itemized breakdown following the completion of a Bill of Quantities (BoQ)

Stage 2 Design Development and Value Engineering

At this stage we will provide our clients with Value Engineering. Here we will be able to show our clients how they can reduce costs on their construction project, if the BoQ amount has come in higher than the clients anticipated. This services can also be used to show our clients where they can get increased value for money, our clients may be happy with the costs in the BoQ but we will be able to show them how they can get better value from their budget. Throughout this stage we will be continuously updating the BoQ with these changes as the project evolves during this process and any amendments to the drawings will also be taken into account. This is to ensure that our clients are kept updated with the costs of their construction project.

Stage 3 Tender

Here at stage 3 we will now be able to provide our clients with a final detailed BoQ. This document will contain all the necessary items that will be required for the completion of their construction project. Each item will have a detailed description of what is involved in it along with the quantities of materials but excluding the rates. This document is now ready to go out to tender, the tender will then be handed to various building contractors that we would recommend and in addition any that the client or architect would recommend. It will then be up to the contractor to fill in the rates and submit his quotation. Once we have received all of the tenders from these contractors we will then be able to begin the Tender Analysis Stage.

This stage of the process involves gathering all tenders and comparing them to see which one is the best, we would look out for things such as ensuring the contractor has included for every item that is in the BoQ and that they have complied with the architect’s specification on the types of materials being used.

This image above is a summery page of a Completed Bill of Quantities (BoQ)

The second image underneath is an example of a Tender Analysis

Stage 4 Construction

The fourth stage of the service relates to the ‘on-site’ phase. Here we can offer different levels of involvement depending on our client’s needs while the construction is ongoing. We offer site inspections, in which we will regularly visit the site during the construction period and monitor the builder to ensure that the correct works are being carried out as well as the correct method of construction is being used. We will also be able to monitor the interim valuations. Interim valuations will be submitted usually every two or four weeks depending on what has been agreed between the client and the contactor, the contractor will submit a document with all the work that they claim has been carried out and the value of this work.

An example of an interim valuation can be been in the picture below.

From here we will then be able to examine this document and ensure that the work the contractor has claimed has been done is done and has been done to the correct standard. We will also monitor any variations that inevitably come up during the process of construction. Such as additional items (extra Velux windows) or items that may not have been envisaged at the design stage (Extra digging at foundations).

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